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Media Conditioning System

Our range of products include accelerated low oxygen media conditioning system.
  • Accelerated Low Oxygen Media Conditioning System
  • Accelerated Low Oxygen Media Conditioning System
Accelerated Low Oxygen Media Conditioning System

Accelerated Low Oxygen Media Conditioning System

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Nominal Exterior Size (WxDxH)514 x 629 x 886 mm
Nominal Interior Dimensions (WxDxH)410 x 381 x 349 mm
Media Tray Dimensions (WxD)302 x 302 mm
Weight91.6 kg
Required Circuit Protection20 A
Voltage120 V AC
Current15 A
Frequency60 Hz
Power Consumption520 W
Exterior Panels18 And 16 Gauge Carbon Steel With Powder-coat Finish
Internal Shaker PlatesAcrylic
Refrigeration Chamber18 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel
Gas InletNitrogen, Carbon Dioxide

HypoxyCOOL Accelerated Low Oxygen Media Conditioning System (patent pending) is a protocol-driven and tested solution that helps improve research results by eliminating media conditioning errors. HypoxyCOOL quickly and precisely reduces media oxygen concentration to target values while maintaining media sterility, temperature and pH. When used in conjunction with a hypoxia workstation, HypoxyCOOL is part of a complete oxygen-regulated, closed-culture system.

HypoxyCOOL helps you:

Improve research results – Avoid abnormal cell interactions and increase cell viability by simulating in vivo-like oxygen conditions directly in the growth media. 

Enhance experimental control – Protocol driven, tested solution helps eliminate media conditioning errors and preserves media integrity.

Increase productivity – Fast and efficient conditioning process reduces oxygen concentration to 2% within three hours. Conditioned oxygen level stays low for up to 21 days, when refrigerated.

Enhance Experimental Control:

HypoxyCOOL helps improve experimental control by eliminating errors in media conditioning. Many variables impact the rate of deoxygenation of liquid media, including but not limited to the type of media being utilized, the temperature range, and your laboratory’s altitude. HypoxyCOOL helps you control these variables and provides a repeatable conditioning protocol that improves the consistency of your results.

HypoxyCOOL also helps preserve the integrity of your media during the conditioning cycle, keeping your cells safe from contaminants and variations in pH. HypoxyCOOL’s easilyprogrammable refrigeration system keeps media cold, while carbon dioxide used during the conditioning cycle keeps media at its manufactured pH. 

HypoxyCOOL is adaptable to your particular application and the level of oxygen required. The unit is pre-programmed with a set of standard parameters (oxygen level, temperature, shaker speed, and run time) that can be easily modified with simple touchscreen controls. 

Improve Research Results:

HypoxyCOOL™ is a vital step for improving cell yield and reducing artifact-driven gene expression changes in all tissue culture processes. Culture media conditioned with HypoxyCOOL boosts the effects of a conventional tri-gas or CO2 /O2 incubator or controlled-oxygen workstation by providing a physiologically-accurate oxygen level in the immediate cellular environment, further improving your research results. 

Research conducted in Baker Ruskinn’s laboratory and performed independently has shown that using in vivo-like oxygen levels in culture media stabilizes cell cultures, enhances gene expression, while increasing viability and transcriptional stability.

Independent research indicates that HypoxyCOOL provides up to 150% reduction in high-oxygen artifact-driven gene expression changes when HypoxyCOOL is used in conjunction with the Ruskinn SCI-tive hypoxia workstation.

Increase Your Lab’s Productivity:

Save time and increase productivity in your lab by switching from a conventional media conditioning method to HypoxyCOOL. 

Conditioning your media with HypoxyCOOL significantly reduces the time required to achieve a desired level of oxygen concentration in the media. A standard HypoxyCOOL cycle (1% O2 at 5% CO2 at 120RPM) yields 2% O2 within 2 hours. 

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